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Contact the Swinton Insurance Customer Care/Services Department directly by calling 0871 789 3024 at 13p/min plus access charge, alternativelly use their own local-rate Telephone Number 2920861116 .

Swinton Insurance Telephone Number / Customer Services Number




Swinton House, 6 Great Marlborough Street, Manchester, M1 5SW.


We have over 50 years of experience in finding car insurance so we understand what’s important for you.

We’ll compare quotes from our specially selected panel of insurance companies to provide you with the lowest price we get back.

We are here to answer any questions – speak to us within the phone or see your closest branch.

We have a web-based insurance hub where your documents will likely be stored and you’ll have the ability to make changes to your policy.

helping people locate insurance for more than 50 years.

We provide a wide variety of insurance products; from car to house, bike to van, commercial to taxi insurance, plus services like breakdown cover.

Our Story
We’ve been helping people locate insurance for over 50 years.

When his first car insurance policy was sold by Ken Scowcroft, for just five pounds our Swinton narrative started in 1957. Back then your motor insurance was bought by you at your own door from your ‘guy’, but Ken had a better notion.

Ken pass on the savings and could keep the personal touch by comparing prices from a lot of insurance companies.

By 1964, he’d opened his first high street branch and by 1987, Swinton was a household name, with 220 divisions nationwide.

Throughout the years, Swinton has been committed to going the extra mile, so challenge Swinton to find you a great deal, making the effort and working hard for our customers.

This honest private approach is still the cornerstone of our business. We offer a wide range of insurance products; from auto to home, commercial to taxi insurance, plus services like breakdown cover today. And we also search for the same qualities in companies and the people we work with.

But it’s our folks and their commitment to our clients that make the largest difference. This really is why many individuals trust us to help shield the things that matter to them.

If you’re looking to insure a car that is classic, there are several methods by which you can affect the cost. But remember, it’s not about the upfront cost, consider the general worth as well as surplus fees too.

For those who have a main vehicle aside from your classic car, let your insurance provider know. This may lessen your insurance costs as it means you’ll be treating your classic vehicle as your second car, and not using it for regular purposes.

You’ll need to agree a yearly mileage limit for your classic car, normally, miles 3,000 or 5,000 although this can be as high as 7,500 miles.

Should you can’t ensure that you’ll keep under such mpg limitations you’ll have to insure your classic car under a typical policy. The price of doing this depend how rare and pricey replacement parts for the vehicle are, and will differ from vehicle to vehicle.

If you’re under 25 it’s likely to be more costly to cover yourself as a classic car driver, although some insurers offer a discount when you can prove that you’re a dedicated enthusiast – for example, if you’re a member of a club dedicated to restoring your selected make of vehicle.

Younger drivers may also be able enough to cut back their timeless car insurance prices by getting themselves an advanced driving qualification.

Where you decide to park your classic car will affects your policy. Your insurance may be more affordable, for example, if you’re going to be keeping it in a secured garage, rather than parked on the street.


We cater to get an extensive range of business insurance requirements – from small businesses and home office to manufacturers, warehouses and factories.

We cater for an extensive range of company insurance demands – from small businesses and home office to manufacturers, warehouses and factories.

We’ll help to identify your unique business insurance requirements to find a policy that’s correct for you.A home-based business insurance policy can provide that extra protection you should insure essential equipment. Swinton Commercial can arrange commercial insurance products to simply help satisfy your company demands, which may be adapted to continue as it evolves to insure your company. In order that we can arrange a company insurance policy for your own factory, workshop or warehouse to suit at Swinton Commercial, we take some time to comprehend the way your company runs. So stock, equipment, your premises and staff will be shielded. Whether you run large-scale commercial premises for example a factory or little manufacturing unit. It is vital you’ve got the correct business insurance policy set up to help ensure contents, premises, staff, stock and your responsibilities are protected.

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